Thursday, December 23, 2010

From The Santa Fe Reporter...


HAIR OF THE DOG WITH MONKEYSHINES, MANBY’S HEAD, BLOOD DRAINED COWS, ANGOLA FARMS AND THE FLOORS 9 pm Saturday, Jan. 1 $5 Corazón 401 S Guadalupe St. 983-4559 DJ James Reich Blood Drained Cows
Punk Resolution
Corazón’s Hair of the Dog event unleashes such a furious wave of punk from some of Santa Fe’s most tried and true musicians that the nü-metal kids should be ashamed of themselves. Watch in utter awe as longtime Santa Fe punk favorites The Floors, Blood Drained Cows, Angola Farms and Monkeyshines join together with Taos outfit Manby’s Head for a show so hard-rockin’ you’re bound to forget your hangover and abandon all your New Year’s resolutions. Special guests descend upon the event like punk rock specters of Christmas past, and include The Floors’ original singer Brock Sternberg, ex-Roky Erickson bandmate Billy Miller and Gregg Turner of seminal punk band Angry Samoans. Each band has its own take on punk: The Floors crams in blues rock; Blood Drained Cows channels psychedelic garage rock of the ’70s à la The Kinks; Angola Farms fits snuggly between your dad’s old station wagon and those empty paint cans; Monkeyshines would’ve been at home at CBGBs in its heyday; and Manby’s Head sticks to the bar-rock end. Think about it, kids, these dudes are old enough to be your dads, yet manage to out-rock you with minimal effort. The first of the year will be a good day for punk and an even better day for Santa Fe music lovers. (ADV)

NB: New Year's Resolution- to play Psychedelic Garage Rock like the Kinks did in the 70s (!?)

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